What is non-verbal communication, and what is its importance?

Non-verbal communication is a form of communication that does not use words.

Non-verbal cues can be used to send messages,Guest Posting such as “I’m bored” or “I think you’re wrong”, and may include body language, facial expressions, touch and tone of voice. Non-verbal communication is most often used in a business setting. For example, when a job interviewee shakes the hand of his or her interviewer, this shows they have confidence and want to work for that company. A lack of eye contact during an interview would show otherwise. No matter where non-verbal communication occurs it always has some meaning behind it.

Non-verbal communication is most important when dealing with hearing impaired persons, especially if they are not using hearing aids in Sri Lanka. They may not be able to hear what you are saying, but can see your expressions, signs and body language.

How it affects hearing impaired people.

For hearing impaired people, non-verbal communication is very important. When communicating with a person who has hearing difficulties, you must be aware of your actions and behaviours. If they do not understand what is being said verbally through lip reading, then it is important to communicate using body language such as facial expressions and hand gestures.

When talking to someone who can hear but may have difficulties understanding the conversation, non-verbal communication also plays an integral role in the interaction. For example, if somebody stutters or has trouble pronouncing certain words that are used within the discussion, their tone of voice will allow them to still get their message across while making themselves understood by others at the same time.

Non-verbal communication affects hearing impaired people in terms of how they are able to communicate with others. For example, sign language is a way that they can communicate non-verbally by using their hands and body gestures.

How important is non-verbal communication for the deaf community?

Non-verbal communication is very important for the deaf community. Without being able to hear or speak, most of what they know about communicating with others comes from nonverbal cues that are used in their daily interactions with others. For example, sign language helps deaf people communicate more effectively by providing them with a common set of rules and guidelines they can use when interacting with one another so there’s no confusion during conversation.

Some other examples would be facial expressions, body postures & gestures which help show how an individual feels towards someone else at any given moment without having to say a word out loud resulting in the person receiving accurate information instead of potentially false claims due to misinterpretations based on lack of proper knowledge.

Examples of how to communicate with deaf people include using visual cues like body language, gestures and written notes. Other examples would include using sign language to communicate with them or else by writing on a blackboard for example if they are unable to read lips. There are also various other ways which can be used including computer screens that have text-to-speech options as well as email addresses where users of the deaf community may write emails in order to receive an automated response from another individual who has received their message through this system, so there is no possibility of misunderstandings occurring due to lack of proper knowledge concerning nonverbal communications between individuals involved in a conversation together.

It’s important to take into account how much information one needs when conversing with a person who is hearing impaired because it could potentially lead to miscommunication between individuals so it is important to take into consideration that they have a disability and may need some help from time to time.

Tips on how to improve your communication skills when dealing with the hearing impaired include the following:

Smile to show you are happy and engaged in the conversation. This will help increase their willingness to communicate with you as well.
Keep your sentences short and simple because this may make it easier for them to understand what you’re saying without needing too much detail from time to time because of how they process information differently due to a disability that affects their ability to hear properly.
Face people directly when talking, but don’t turn away while speaking since this can be seen as disrespectful by those who have a hearing impairment, which could potentially cause problems down the road if one isn’t aware of these tips beforehand. So always try and keep non-verbal communication skills at top notch levels.

The different types of nonverbal communication that assist when dealing with those who have a hearing impairment include:

Sign language – Gestures and motions.
Learning sign language is not that difficult, however it is important to know that there are different types of sign language, so one should always be aware of the location they are in when trying to communicate with someone who has a hearing impairment since this could get confusing.

Understanding gestures and motions.
Gestures can sometimes mean something else entirely depending on what part of the world you’re in, while motioning your hands around isn’t an issue at all but knowing how certain hand signals work may take time.

Benefits of improving your own non-verbal skills and awareness.

Benefits of improving one’s own non-verbal communication skills include being able to better communicate with others, and being able to better read other people. Reasons for wanting to improve these skills vary from person-to-person but can often be due to professional or personal relationships in which the individual feels they could benefit from such an improvement.

Non-verbal communication is the way that people communicate without words. It’s important for deaf people because it can be difficult to understand what someone else means when they are speaking. Deaf culture also values silence and encourages everyone to pay attention so there is no need for talking constantly. This creates a unique environment where hearing or speech impaired individuals share their thoughts with each other through body language and facial expressions instead of verbal conversation.

Most hearing impaired people however, use a hearing aid which help them overcome their disability. There are many vendors who provide hearing aid services online in Sri Lanka from where a hearing-impaired person could buy a suitable machine for themselves. Hearing aid price in Sri Lanka will vary of course, depending on the make and model of the device.

Lockdown Fashion Styles: Comfort and Sustainability over trends

In the event of a pandemic lockdown, people may not be able to go outside.

This means that they will have to wear clothes inside their home for an extended period of time. Lockdown fashion is a style that incorporates comfort and sustainability over trends. It’s important to understand what styles are available when you’re preparing your clothing before a lockdown happens. You can get ladies clothing online,Guest Posting as well as item like handloom sarongs easily and conveniently, even during lockdown period, as most businesses operate during this time.

While many people are simply working and waiting at home during a lockdown, you can still be stylish for those online meetings and other events by wearing stylish clothing. You may not wear office attire, since you are at home, but you can wear some beautiful batik creations or some other kind of clothing. For some people who need to carry out normal work meetings even during these trying times, getting their sarees online in Sri Lanka should be easy, in order to be well dressed for success!

Lockdown fashion is more than just wearing normal clothes inside your home, you can still wear some stylish and fashionable items that show the world that you’re prepared for a pandemic lockdown. You don’t want to look like everyone else. Make sure you understand what styles are available during this time so you know how to dress when it happens. Tie dye clothing, which you may or may not have done yourself, can create a cool look for your skin.

You can also wear batik clothes which are made from dyed fabrics and then stamped or painted on the fabric using wax-like resist techniques. This may give you a wonderful chance at showing off artistic talent, and style, whether you have any or not. Wearing colourful batik kaftans and other similar clothing is another great option if traditional clothing appeals to you, and they are both comfortable and affordable. Many people around the world love wearing these cool and comfortable outfits.

You can also wear colourful robes to make a real style statement during pandemic lockdown periods, but you will need to do some research first because there are many different types of them available. If you’re not sure about what type would suit your colouring best then just go for one in an appealing colour that will look good on most skin tones and hair colours; it’s quite hard to get this wrong unless you have very odd features.

Reasons why glasses are better than contact lenses

Glasses are better than contact lenses in many ways, but the most important is that glasses don’t dry out your eyes like contact lenses do.

Contact lenses can cause eye irritation and burning because they rest on your eyeballs. Glasses sit on the top of your nose and face so they don’t touch your skin or come into direct contact with anything around them.

Some reasons why spectacles in Sri Lanka are better than contact lenses include:

Glasses don’t dry out your eyes like contact lenses do.
Contact lenses can cause eye irritation and burning.
Glasses are better for people who wear glasses,Guest Posting contacts are not good to be worn with another pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses.
Glasses can also protect your eyes from flying debris and dust.
Glasses are better for activities that require depth perception, because they sit on top of your nose and face so they don’t touch your skin or come into direct contact with anything around them.
Glasses can be worn by people who have had eye surgery, contacts cannot be used in this case.
Contact lenses are more likely to get lost than glasses.
You need to properly clean both contact lenses before wearing again.
The material that is used in the making of prescription glass frames does not irritate skin as easily as soft plastic lens materials found in disposable contact lenses.

Contrary to popular belief, glasses also make you look more attractive than contacts which is another reason why so many people prefer wearing them over using contacts. Just think of all the celebrities you’ve seen on TV or out in public wearing glasses. They’re everywhere. It is rare that you see someone famous without their signature specs sitting atop their nose. Celebrities have made it cool to be geeky again, but not just any kind of geek, stylish ones. This trend has seen many people even wearing fake eye glasses simply for aesthetic purposes.

Glasses also come in a variety of styles and colours that you won’t find with contacts. You can get spectacles online in Sri Lanka that work for any occasion, whether it’s an elegant night out on the town or something as casual as going to watch your favourite hockey team play at home.

How is handloom made?

Handloom fabric is a type of textile that has an intricate weaving pattern.

The weft and warp threads are typically dyed to create the colour effect in the fabric. To make this,Guest Posting there are many steps involved, such as spinning, dyeing, weaving and finishing. Handloom fabrics can be made from any natural fibre such as cotton or wool; but they are most commonly made from silk or cotton-silk blends which give them their unique soft feel and drapeability, which is why many people like buying handloom sarees online in Sri Lanka.

The process starts with raw materials (wool for example) being spun into yarns using a spinning wheel. Then these yarns need to be dyed to get the desired colours before they’re woven into cloth on a hand loom by expert weavers. During this process, drafts are made to make sure the design is carried onto the cloth optimally and that all colours look good together. The final step of production for handloom fabrics involves finishing which can include ironing or steaming to remove wrinkles, labelling, packaging and inspecting pieces millimetre by millimetre before sewing them into garments such as handloom sarongs.

The handloom industry has provided employment opportunities to many people, and handloom products are considered eco-friendly and cost effective too. However, the industry is facing a threat nowadays because of cheaper imports from China and other countries which make it hard for these artisanal manufacturers to compete in the market. The handloom industry in Sri Lanka has seen tremendous growth over the past decade however, with the government taking great initiatives to protect this traditional industry and provide necessary support for its development.

While this is a very old craft and industry, today, many different types of materials may be used in creating handmade textiles including cotton, linen, hemp or silk among others using these innovative methods.

What are Eye Allergies, and what are the Symptoms and cures?

An eye allergy is a condition that occurs when the immune system reacts to substances in the air, such as pollen and pet dander.

These allergens irritate the eyes’ surface and cause itchy,Guest Posting red, watery eyes. Some people may experience additional symptoms of an eye allergy including swelling or having difficulty focusing on objects. If left untreated for too long, an eye allergy can lead to vision loss from scarring of the cornea, and you may even need to get eye testing in Sri Lanka, and visit an optician in Sri Lanka to get spectacles done.

Symptoms of eye allergies include:

Red, itchy eyes.
Watery eyes & excessive tearing. This is your body’s way of trying to flush out the allergens from your eye and nose areas.
Swollen eyelids that can feel gritty or scratchy when you blink.
Your vision may be blurry due to swelling around the blood vessels in the cornea which causes a decrease in tear production leading to dry eyes.

According to professionals in eye care in Sri Lanka, eye allergies are treated by avoiding exposure to triggers like pollen, smoke, pet dander etc., using over the counter medications such as antihistamines for symptom relief and drops containing corticosteroids (steroid) for treatment of inflammation caused by allergy symptoms affecting the surface layer of your eye. Treatment options for more severe cases of eye allergies may include prescription eye drops or ointments containing anti-inflammatory medications. If you are unable to find relief after a few days of treatment it would probably be best to seek out professional help at an optometrist office or something similar nearby.

If you are prone to eye allergies, it is best to be very careful that you don’t get exposed to allergens, because even though it may be curable it can be uncomfortable when you get these allergies.

Leadership Consultants: How Can They Help Your Company?

Great leadership is essential for business success. Being a great leader can require more than passion and insight; it can also require the help of consultants specializing in business leadership. Leadership consultants help both new and experienced leaders face challenges in the work environment. Below are areas where consultants commonly assist business leaders.

Cost Cutting

At a time when cost cutting and profits are intertwined, deciding what to cut and what to keep can be challenging. If you need advice on cuts in a particular area, consulting with a cost cutting specialist can allow you to learn by experience without making mistakes.

Sales Territory Design

The quality of sales territory design is one of the greatest long-term revenue predictors. If your sales territory is ill-defined, do not depend on top sales talent to make up the difference. Instead, seek out a consultant with a record of successful sales territory design.

Sales and Marketing

Different companies have different sales and marketing strategies, but all desire sales and marketing synergy. A lack of synergy does not necessarily mean that sales are grinding to a halt, but it could mean a sales team is failing to get the most out of its talent. If your sales team is underperforming, or having trouble reaching difficult, yet achievable goals, speaking with a sales and marketing leader could help you arrive at the alignment strategy your company needs.

Creative Problem Solving

As new leaders soon discover, directing a company requires as much creative problem solving as it does employing time-tested principles. If your company is facing a new problem it does not have an answer for, do not resort to intelligent guesses or trial and error; seek out consultants who can help with a particular problem, and help improve your problem solving skills.


In the age of the internet, anything that can be sold online usually is. However, many online services and products are sold ineffectively. If you are considering using the internet instead of new locations to reach new customers and increase sales revenue, first speak with a consultant who knows about ecommerce marketing campaigns. If done correctly, selling online can be a major revenue force.

Company Morale

Every company has highs and lows in morale, but the latter should not be the norm. If it is, reestablishing morale could require several considerations, including: compensation arrangements, management style, and project management, to name a few. If your employees are experiencing low morale, their quality of work for the company will reduce is the problem is not resolved. Consult with an expert who has experience in managing employees directly.

When to Seek a Consultant

Seeking a consultant need not be preceded by a mishap or difficult task. A consultant can also be sought as a confidant, or a teacher-a business peer who helps you circumnavigate problems when they arise, or sets objectives for improving your leadership skills. Some leaders have a natural propensity for directing others, but wise leaders seek the advice of people who can improve their leadership skills, and that is what leadership consultants are for.

Clearly No Secrets to Independent Consulting Success

When I see so many successful consultants in the market today, clearly there is no secret in being a successful independent consultant. It is however a matter of knowing how to market oneself to your chosen niche.

If you ask anyone who has become truly successful as an independent consultant, they will inevitably explain to you that their success is a result of a considerable amount of hard work. I have yet to meet a successful consultant or entrepreneur who has told me; “my success was very easy. I did not have to work hard for it”.

The person who genuinely aspires to become a successful independent consultant should look to learn from others who have already achieved the type of success they desire. Let’s assume that your consulting business has paying clients, the expertise to serve those clients, and an effective method of business development and service delivery. Given those assumptions, I truly believe the great independent consulting businesses separate themselves from everyone else based on passion. Whether it’s in art, sport, business, politics or otherwise, passion drives us to success and without that passion, we can often only expect to achieve mediocre results.

Of course you need to know and do many other things too, passion will provide you with the motivation to keep going when times are hard and when many others would simply give up. Harness and apply your passion and it will inevitably lead you to discovering the key elements that are necessary for a successful consulting business. Without passion, you can struggle through, but true success will always escape you. Sooner or later, a business without passion will rise to the surface in front of you, your colleagues, clients, friends and family. If you the passion I have written about is simply not there inside you, perhaps you are in the wrong business and perhaps you should reconsider your options before you spend a lot of time and effort climbing to the top of a ladder, only to discover it was leaning against the wrong wall.

Consider the nature of your consulting business very carefully. There a lot of work to be done to become a successful consultant and you want to make sure that work is being done on a business which is right for you. So if you are passionate about babies, consider a consulting business around that. Or if you love IT networking, you might consider being an IT network consultant specializing in that specific niche. But if you don’t like water, don’t even consider starting consulting business in water sports.

When I get excited about a new idea, I feel the excitement run deep through my body. I am almost addicted to implementing the idea in my business. Sometimes I’m so passionate about something I have to force myself to stop working (although it seems like fun) and go to bed. Or spend time with my family or go out. After all, we need a life! This is passion, and this is what successful business organizations are built on. Passion is the driving force and inner desire among entrepreneurs and leaders across the world which makes them want to continually pursue going above and beyond.

Making the Most of Your HR Consulting Firm’s Services

For addressing human resource or HR management decisions and tasks, you might want to engage the services of an HR consulting firm. Human Resource consulting came from the management consulting industry and has grown to become a nearly $20 billion industry.

There are quite a number of HR consultancies to choose from – from large, full-service organizations to the smaller, more specialized firms.

Start by choosing your HR services firm well. If there are particular areas or core fields in which you would need the most expert advice and assistance, you might want to consider an HR consultancy that is widely regarded as an expert in those particular fields. Some of the core fields for HR consultancies include outsourcing, human capital, mergers and acquisitions, health and benefits, retirement and communication.

Management, remuneration, training, rewards, recruitment or talent acquisition and incentive programs are all included in the core field called Human Capital. Analysis on cross-company culture fit and transaction costs are part of Mergers and Acquisitions. The details and the processing of employee health plans are part of Health and Benefits. Surveys of employee behaviors, job satisfaction, attitudes, engagement and the climate in the workplace are all part of Communication. HR consulting can also address 360 degree feedback, training on workplace relations and other specific human resource projects.

Choose the HR services firm that can help you get the most out of employees as well as offer topnotch platform or program for growth.

And don’t just look at the core services being offered by the HR consultancy. Check out the additional services that the consultancy offers so you have a better idea about the firm. Some human resources consultancies have additional services like investment advice, legal counseling, support on HR technologies for human capital management and additional training services. You might need these services down the line and it’s always good to plan ahead.

Make sure you are hiring a reliable consulting firm. The firm should have a good track record and positive word of mouth. And the consultancy should have experts with the right credentials, training, education, qualifications and experience.

The HR services firm should preferably be ahead of the pack; a firm that is not afraid of technology and that values innovation. This is to make sure you are getting an HR consultancy that knows and uses the latest technology in the core fields and is constantly trying to find smarter and cost efficient ways to deliver results.

Ask about the past projects of the HR consultancy and the consultants who handled them. A topnotch human resource services firm would not only have those information but also an analysis of how the project was handled. You should be able to get a list of the best consultants for the specific tasks or projects that you have in mind.

Look for an HR consulting firm that can give you a good HR plan or strategy. This strategy should encompass motivation and rewards, management of employee performance, training and succession planning. And they should all lead towards the goals of the company.

Why Setup A Freezone Company in the UAE

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Dubai is a well-respected pathway to the East, and since it became a financial hub, companies that engage in all types of business activities are now looking to establish a presence here. Dubai has over ten freezones, which provide international investors with the opportunity to expand into the Middle-East and beyond.
With a wide range of options available for freezone company incorporation, you can select one which reflects the nature of your business. Whether it is the location, the brand or the facilities of the freezone which attract you, you can find the best solutions based on your legal and business preferences. As each freezone is set up to facilitate certain types of business activity or transactions, it is important to receive legal advice which suits the needs of your business.

With 100% foreign ownership of a company here in the UAE and the ability to trade or operate within the freezone, a freezone entity can provide great benefits to those wishing to expand their operations to the Middle East and beyond. In addition, with visa facilities available, you may even opt to move to the UAE with your business. Whilst expanding your operations and developing a well-respected international presence, why not do this in the most economically efficient way possible too? With 0% import and export tax, 100% repatriation of capital and profits, no corporate taxes for 15 years (renewable for an additional 15 years) and no personal income taxes, you are set up to have even more success and profitability.

Freezones themselves are also extremely helpful when it comes to setting up in the UAE as they provide excellent assistance with labor recruitment, sponsorship, and housing. Furthermore, the freezone areas themselves are well equipped with amenities, facilities and communication infrastructures required to set up a business. The increased number of free zones operating in the country is serving to offer a wider range of options to potential investors, and allow a real existence in the UAE through offices or warehouses.

Bad Business Vs No Business For Small Business Owners

Should we turn business away as compared to getting into business deals, which are bad? The truth to this is that some business is always better as compared to no business. What we need to do within this article is define what is actually bad.
What is bad business?

Bad business is essentially what costs small business owners dearly. This could possibly mean that these bad transactions could end up costing more than it is worth in the end. If you have shelled out money for materials, time, labor and money only to receive something not up to your company standard, then you have lost money on that particular job. Taking these, types of deals incur more money than you received for the finished product or service.

Follow your gut instinct

More times to none, business owners take on more work than they feel comfortable with in the beginning. Some will have a bad feeling about the transaction or maybe even suspect they will not receive payment or the customer has such unrealistic expectations that the business owners knows will not be fulfilled.

Make sure there is communication between both parties involved

You should make every effort to make sure that no matter the transaction, the deal is precise and profitable with the terms and conditions made clear as well as understood by both parties involved. This will ensure that both parties will be happy. One cannot avoid bad business deals from never happening but a little common sense can aid greatly with these ventures.

Do not believe that bad business is better than no business

Today our nation is experiencing very difficult times. Some will even state that although you lost money on a particular job that your name is still out there being networked and this makes the loss worth it, this is not always true in my book. Generally, the people who state this have very deep pockets and can afford the losses but for a struggling small business owner who has just started their business, jobs such as this can lead the company to failure.

What causes bad business?

Bad small businesses come out of a breakdown in the relationship between you and your small business. Through the misunderstanding of an expectation, you come to realize that often the expensive lawsuits result from jobs or transactions such as this; it is not worth it in the end to continually deal with bad business. You must adjust and learn from these deals, which have turned bad. It is obvious that no business is preferable to bad business. Bad business turns costly over time as well as time consuming and the bad publicity gained from this is horribly bad for business.

Through determination on the part of your small business, you should never leave details up for chance. You must ensure all parties involved with business deals are in full agreement unless you want these dealings to minimize your customers as well as your income.