Car loan application and disbursal process

These car loans have been introduced in the whole market to enhance the possibilities of all the people purchasing their own new car. Most of the time a new car is seen as very luxurious or a symbol of social status, but for all the individuals, this could be a very basic need more than very much more luxurious.

All the borrowers who are looking to buy a new car with the help of the car loan have to fall under the eligibility criteria set by the particular institution as well as provide the lender with some of the essential documents. But whenever applying for a car loan one should select the car model that he or she might want to purchase as the bank will always provide the credit based on this price. Then the car has to be insured as well as hypothecated for future security. After these total procedures are over, then all the lenders, as well as the borrowers, decide the tenure of the total repayment and EMI procedures. Further one has to keep on paying the installments along with the rate of interest until the debt is over.

Further, we are going to take a look at the most important aspects that should focus on whenever applying for a car loan. A car loan is accepted in both cases where the manufacturer may be national or international. Though the total prices of the models might vary between all the Indian brands as well as the international brands, the car loans can be sanctioned on any approved car model, although the total funding is under the bank’s discretion.

The rate of interest offered under the scheme of a new car loan often varies between a very good range. Then again the interest rate is decided after the specific model as well as brand is decided and also depends on one’s loan total tenure, credibility profile, creditworthiness, and other things. Whenever repayment of the total credit the facility of the EMI installation is provided, where all the borrowers have to deposit their monthly EMI amount within the due date. This total EMI amount varies from one of the borrowers to another based on their car loan tenure, loan amount, and rate of interest. Whichever, there are options to pay in a ransom, in that way one of them reduces the rate of interest to be paid.

The total repayment tenure offered by car loan interest rate schemes is quite flexible and this also very good ranges between periods of one to seven years. One has to repay the car loan that had been credited to all the individuals within this tenure. Failing to do so might have serious consequences as all the lenders can trace you with the help of all the certified documents.

Under this facility, all the borrowers are allowed to pay the car loan as a ransom. This method of repayment might be preferred by all the people who want to abstain from paying high-interest rates. Bandhan Bank car loan interest rate. Once the loan is paid in a wholesome down payment, this cuts down a portion of the interests charged and thereby saves some of the amounts on the borrower’s part. Except for the total principal amount and the added rate of interest rates, some other minimal charges are to be paid whenever availing of the car loan. Some of the charges may also include processing fees, pre-closure of account, stamp duty charges, and more things.


These were some of the most important criteria which should be remembered whenever availing of a car loan. Also, one must not forget all the procedures of the repayment as this can affect an individual’s credit score. Whichever, constant delay of the total EMI deposits can even have serious consequences in some of the cases. Thus one should look into the best options of total repayment and select a very suitable tenure. Also, while in the confusion regarding the policies of the institution, also consult someone or very simply ask for guidance.

Why Should I Get 3-year Bike Insurance?

The only solution to his issue is long term insurance policies. Now you can directly get a 3-year bike insurance policy instead of renewing your policy every year. The best part being that these long term insurance policies are approved by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA). You will not have to keep track of your insurance expiry date every year.

Advantages of getting 3-year bike insurance:

Pay less save more:

When you purchase bike insurance for three years, you save more. You can save on the premium for third-party liability that gets frozen at the start of the first year. When inflation strikes, the price of the premiums also increases by a minimum of 20% annually. So if you have long term insurance, you will end up paying less premium even after inflation strikes. The calculation of the premium is also based on the IDV(insured declared value) of the vehicle. This value is calculated based on the selling price of the brand and model as listed by the manufacturer at the time of the inception of the policy or renewal. As the automobile gets older, the IDV also depreciates. The payable amount remains stable when you get long term motor insurance.


Purchasing three-year bike insurance is very convenient as you will be released from the stress of renewing your motor insurance every year in time. You can relax and not worry about the expiry of your motor insurance for at least three years.

No Claim Bonus:

No Claim Bonus is the discount provided by the insurer if you as a policyholder have not made any claims during the duration of the policy. So when you are eligible to claim 20% during the renewal of a long term policy, then a 20% discount will be applicable for all three years.

Apart from these advantages, there are also some disadvantages to purchasing three-year bike insurance.

You as a policyholder will not be able to take advantage if there is deflation. The premium amount is frozen right at the start of the policy, so if you have long term insurance, the premium will not drop even if there is deflation. Also, you can face a minor loss if you want to sell your automobile. If you decide to sell your car within the three years of your insurance, then it is you who is bearing the cost of the insurance.

But overall, buying three-year bike insurance will be a very wise decision as the chances of deflation are very less. Also, a long term two-wheeler insurance has more benefits.

You can now purchase long-term bike insurance from Future Generali. Gone are those days when you needed an agent to purchase a motor insurance policy. You can directly visit our website and purchase a long-term bike insurance policy.

How do I choose the best mortgage broker in Sydney?

The answer to the question of ‘how to find the best mortgage broker in Sydney‘ or elsewhere is trickier than one might expect.

Perhaps the biggest financial decision you’ll ever make is picking a mortgage. There are many types of mortgages available, each with its own set of loan terms. An experienced mortgage broker can help you navigate through this maze of choices to find the loan that is most suitable to your needs.

Broking, however, is a controversial industry. Some inquiries into the industry have made clear about the problems that exist here, like – brokers pushing borrowers into loans that are bigger, riskier, and take longer to pay off, and brokers never finding any loans cheaper than what you may get from a direct lender.

When choosing a mortgage broker, it is crucial that you make sure they are honest and professional. You cannot evaluate a mortgage broker based on their settlement volume alone, nor their reviews or experience, but you can combine the three factors to get a list of potentially good brokers.

What should you do next? If you do plan to utilize a mortgage broker, follow these tips on how to find a good mortgage broker. Here, we summarize seven key features to look for.

Do some homework.
Be prepared before you begin your search for a broker. Have a look online for potential loans and get a good idea of what type of loan you want. This way you’ll be better prepared to evaluate the broker’s recommendations.
Then talk to several mortgage brokers to compare their offers. Make use of our list of key features to assess a mortgage broker’s offers and service.

Brokers are not bound to give you the ‘best’ or even ‘highest-quality’ loan. Legally, they only have to provide a ‘not unsuitable’ loan. So it is important that you ensure to scrutinise their recommendations.

Also, keep in mind that brokers don’t always find borrowers lower interest rates or cheaper loans. If a bank offers a better quote than your mortgage broker, consider dealing directly with the bank.

Knowing how they get paid is important.
Brokers usually get paid commissions directly from the banks rather than charging you for their services. Such a scenario may have the potential to decrease the quality of advice that a broker may provide to their clients. There are two kinds of commissions the broker receives:

Upfront Commission – This is calculated as a percentage of the total loan amount, so the bigger the loan, the bigger the commission for the broker. So be careful with a broker who suggests a larger loan than you budgeted for.
Trail Commission – This is a percentage of the mortgage the broker continues to receive throughout the term of the loan. The trouble with trail commissions is that brokers have no obligation to provide any help during the life of the loan, and the less ongoing work brokers do, the better – they get paid for doing nothing.

Check educational qualifications, experience and professionalism of the broker.

As an initial step, make sure the broker is licensed to provide loans. They need to have their own Current Australian Credit Licence or qualify as an Authorised Credit Representative.

Inquire your mortgage broker about the qualifications and experience they have. While mortgage brokers only need to have a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking to start working and financial advisers have to complete minimum education standards including a university degree.

You may want to look for brokers with higher qualifications such as the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA, a professional body for brokers) members who have diplomas and some other degrees in finance, economics, or accounting.

Check if the broker is working in your best interest.
Try to choose a broker who will receive the same commission rate no matter which lender you choose or what product you choose. This way you may know the broker is recommending the best-suited product to your needs and not the one best-suited to the highest commission. A quality broker will be open about how they are paid and will also let you know whether they receive a referral fee for introducing you as a potential client.

If you feel a broker is urging you to borrow more than you need or are comfortable with, then you may want to go elsewhere for your loan.

Ask them about their lender panel.

Brokers are restricted to the banks that they can access – a list known as the “lender panel”. A good broker will have a wide range of lenders on their panel and will regularly draw from it depending on the borrower’s circumstances, as opposed to brokers who only offer loans from their panel.
If a broker has only a few lenders on their panel, they might be focusing on a small variety of lenders and might limit your options.

But the amount of lenders on a broker’s panel isn’t everything; the broker’s use of the wide range is also important. While brokers claim to scan the market, most of them direct mortgages to a small group of banks. On an average, brokers tend to send 80% of their loans to just four banks.

Therefore, ask your broker what the top 10 banks are their lenders, and what percentage of loans they send to them. This will tell you if the broker is really scanning the market. A good broker will provide you with this information easily.

See if your broker offers clear loan choices and explains your options clearly.
There are a variety of loan types available in the market. An experienced broker will present you with a number of options and clearly explain why a particular loan is recommended.

Be particularly cautious of brokers who try to sell you risky interest-only loans. Over the first few years, these types of loans have a cheaper repayment, but that’s because you’re only paying interest and not the loan amount itself. After the interest-only period ends, typically after five years, you will end up facing with much higher repayment amounts.

Additionally, a good broker will not pressure you into buying a loan. You should stay clear from a broker who tries to convince you to sign anything before you’ve received enough information about your options.

Get a written copy of the Credit Guide and Credit Assessment.
Credit assessment
Credit assessment contain your income and expenses along with your financial objectives and expectations accessed by your broker. The broker has a legal obligation to observe responsible lending laws and should not offer you an inappropriate or risky loan. Make sure to request a copy of credit assessment which brokers only have to provide if you ask them.

It’s a good idea to double check the document you gave the broker so that your explanation matches up with the written assessment.

Credit guide

Credit guide is the document which provides the broker’s contact details and a record of the commission that the broker will get if you go ahead with the loan. This is a legal requirement. Make sure the broker gives you it. The credit guide also has information on who to contact for problems or complaints with the broker.

Mortgages aren’t something to set and forget. Taking the time to shop for a loan that suits your needs can pay real benefits. It has been found that renegotiating interest rates with your lender can help you save up to $850 a year for an average-sized loan, and even more for some borrowers. By switching banks, you can save tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your loan.

Consulting Training – The Many Benefits of Consulting Trainings

Having an in-depth knowledge on your chosen niche and a proven track record are not enough to succeed in the field of consulting. If you want to become a more effective consultant, you should consider attending consulting trainings. These can prepare you for your new-found endeavor.

Here are the benefits that you can get by attending consulting training programs:

1. Insider tips. Consulting trainings are usually being conducted by people who have already succeeded in this field. That means, they have been there and done that. So, they can give you insider tips and techniques that you can use to make your consulting services more impacting and more effective to give your clients great value for their money. Your trainers can also help enhance your presentation and writing skills if you intend to offer live or written consulting services.

2. Skills. Consulting trainings can help you develop or enhance certain skills that you need to become a better consultant. Your trainers will help you improve your communication, problem-solving, people, and analytical skills so you can better serve your clients.

3. Clear picture of what is ahead. If you are just starting out, I am pretty sure that you are clueless as to what you can expect the moment your clients signed up for your services. These trainings can help you prepare for these types of scenarios so you will not get caught off guarded later on. Your trainers will tell you exactly what you need to do; from signing up your clients, to drafting agreements, to collecting payment, to handling complaints. Through this, you will not appear amateurish to your clients.

Looking to Become a Consulting Design Engineer?

Do you have a talent for disassembling and reassembling things? Are you good at figuring out how things work? Or maybe you have a knack for math, or physical sciences. If so, engineering might be a great way to make your living. Either way, if you’re reading this article, you’ve probably already decided to look at a career as a consulting design engineer.

What’s a consulting design engineer? That’s an engineer who’s been contracted to design a new complex system, whether it’s the wiring for an office building, a new fire suppression system for an aging school, or a new set of interdependent factory machines. Usually, a contracting firm or a municipality will hire a consulting design engineer whenever a major engineering project needs to be done.

If you’re looking at a career as a consulting design engineer, you’ll likely need to specialize in an engineering sub-discipline, like mechanical, electrical or communications design engineering. Here’s a quick primer on what you’ll need to do in order to become an engineering consultant.

Learn the basics. If you’re in high school, now might be the time to choose the elective classes that’ll help you learn the scientific basics necessary to learn the skills fundamental to becoming a consulting design engineer. Take advanced math and physics classes, as well as chemistry and biology as well. Also helpful will be art classes — drawing and drafting are essential skills. And don’t downplay shop classes; vocational-technical schools have great resources for budding engineers.

Pick the right college. This is where you make a list. Find all the colleges and universities with great engineering programs. Visit campuses. Make appointments to meet professors. Look at facilities. List your top schools, and your safety schools. The top engineering schools in the US are Cal Tech, UC-Berkeley, MIT and Stanford. Other great schools: Penn State and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In Canada try McGill University, The University of Waterloo or the University of Toronto. If you can’t get into a top school, think about whether it’s worth waiting a year to try again, or contacting the admissions office to see how you could do better on a second try. You can take classes at a local community college in the meantime, or try for an internship at a local engineering firm.

Get an Internship. Just because you’re in college doesn’t mean you can’t get great work experience. Visit your college internship or career counseling office to find out about local engineering firms that offer internships. These are a great way to get onto a staff as soon as you graduate.

Work! You won’t become a consulting design engineer right out of college. You’ll have to spend a long time working in your chosen field before your command of the trade is strong enough to strike out on your own as a consultant. Don’t worry, though — it’s very rewarding work.

What Inter Personal Skills Are Needed by Consultants?

Consultants require the use of many skills when on a consulting assignment and when working within a client environment. Here are 4 interpersonal skills that the consultant should have. These are important in getting the desired results.

Being able to listen to what people at the client site have to say to uncover the truth about an issue. Many people will either give you, the consultant, too much or too little of the information that you require. A good consultant will ask the right probing questions and keep on asking them until he is satisfied that the person that he is interviewing has given up all they know. Knowing what to ask and having been prepared well prior to every meeting and interview with client personnel is the key.

Patience is something that all consultants soon learn to have a lot of. Consultants are often seen as a bother by client organization personnel. They see the consultant as taking up too much of their precious time. They promise to fit you in but are normally distracted by their work loads, telephone calls and other interruptions when you finally get them to sit down with you. This run around is pretty normal. Often details have been left out and a revisit with a client employee that you have already interviewed is required.

Try and be as objective as possible at all times. Remember why you are at the client site and what is expected of you as the consultant. Many people will give you the “inside scoop” on other employees or tell you about the company’s “dirty linen”. They themselves have a lot of preconceived notions about other people and departments, as well as experiences and run-ins they have had and cannot wait to tell you about them. Often this is just distracting noise, which has very little factual basis. It is counterproductive to play favorites, just because of what you may have heard second hand about someone or some other department within the client organization. Objectivity and keeping an open mind must be maintained at all times.

Being engaging and nonthreatening
Many client personnel view you as an outsider. You come in and disturb them, and ask lots of questions. The employees become suspicious and start to question the motivation behind you being at the client’s offices. They see you as a threat to either their jobs or that you may bring changes they may not like. Being able to put people at ease and not view you as a threat is almost always necessary, until they get used to seeing you around the client’s offices. It is a good idea to have a prepared opening statement when you initially meet client employees, explaining the reasons for you being there and what you are expected to deliver at the end of the process or project. Naturally one can only release the facts that the client sponsor that employed you allows to divulge. Also assure the client employees of your discretion.

Mark has 30 years in business experience, covering a wide range of industries and areas of expertise, including business consulting.

How IT Consulting Can Help With Business Optimization and Promotion

In today’s changing business environment, IT consulting is one of the most needed services. All the business niches are saturated with a high level of competition and unlike before consumers today have a wide range of options to choose from. Such a high level of competition has made every business to rethink its promotional strategies and business optimization efforts. Conventional methods are not good enough to handle this high level of competition. We really need something more substantial.

We need to have professional guidance to optimize our business and our promotional efforts. We can get this professional guidance from IT consulting service companies. We can hire an IT consulting company to make an in-depth analysis of our business. They will help us with business optimization and promotion.

Before our IT consultants can optimize our business for best performance, they have to understand our business model fully. After making a thorough study of our business they will come up with a detailed report on the current scenario, recommended modifications, and procedures to be followed etc. They will also identify the problem areas that drain most of the energy, time and money of the organization. They will help us break down the complex structure of the organization and simplify the entire process so that it is manageable by our team. They will also identify redundant processes that are eating up our resources and money. Most often, such problems occur because of lack of proper procedures and a feedback or control system. By hiring an experienced IT consulting service provider, we can get all the processes streamlined. We cannot accomplish all these by ourselves. We need the required expertise to make a complete business analysis.

After business optimization follows business promotion. Business optimization itself is both time consuming and complex process. Once successfully optimized, IT consultants will help us with latest promotional strategies that will help us achieve our business objectives. If we try to skip business optimization and go for business promotion, we may not be able to achieve the desired business objectives. Every organization over a period of time gets into management issues and poor feedback or faulty control systems. Once in a while all these need to be cleaned up so that we can attain the required level of efficiency. Lack of efficiency will drain the organization’s resources and the output or the achievements will not be proportional to the efforts made.

It is best when the same IT consulting service handles both business optimization as well as business promotion because they are two sides of the same coin and needs to go hand in hand.

IT Consulting services which has been helping small, medium and large enterprises achieve their performance excellence for many years. By letting an IT consultant handle our business optimization and business promotion, we can focus on the core business activities that can be handled only by us without being distracted.

Why Do You Need Legal Nurse Consulting? They Can Win Your Case

Imagine that a client comes to you with a medical lawsuit to bring against a hospital. You listen to the case and think to yourself if this is true, then this will be one of the easiest cases in the world to win – the client was most obviously the victim of careless medical care. So, you figure that you’ll analyze the client’s medical records to get the proof that you need. But, you open up the medical record and then you realize one important, tiny little detail that you had previously forgot: you have no idea what any of it means.

This is when your law firm needs legal nurse consulting. Legal nurses help close cases by interpreting valuable medical information while acting as a legal assistant. They can interview plaintiffs and defendants, write up reports, and testify as expert witnesses in a courtroom setting. These types of nurses also understand the “business” side of medical delivery. Indeed, legal nurses are absolutely vital to any law firm that’s serious about winning their cases.

Consider the following example case. An elderly nursing home has a resident with many symptoms, including dementia, diabetes, CRF, and so on. This resident is, naturally, completely dependent on the nursing home to care for them. One day, a nursing assistant found a bruise on the patient and let the nurse know about it. Later that same day, the elderly resident passed away. The autopsy confirmed that the resident had fallen within a few hours of the elderly person’s death. When the family sued, a legal nurse who was called in to review the medical records cited a lack of any documentation regarding the bruise or fall. Both the home and the nurses were convicted of tampering with medical records and wrongful death. Due to the victory, aided in no small part by the legal nurse, the administrators are now serving 10-year jail sentences.

While it may be clear that legal nurse consulting is very beneficial to your law firm, many owners are concerned about the cost. Good legal nurses have been known to charge up to $150 an hour for their work. However, many are also willing to work in-staff for less than six figures. As such, if you’re a firm that has any thoughts of dealing with medical suits, you can’t afford to not dole out much of these responsibilities to a good legal nurse.

It’s also imperative that you hire/retain a good legal nurse. The designation of LNCC (Legal Nurse Consultant Certified) demonstrates that the candidate has at least five years of registered nursing experience, plus at least 2000 hours of legal nursing experience, and has passed a comprehensive exam that directly assesses many of the duties that legal nurse consulting entails. In addition, like many other professional certifications, this has to be renewed every five years, so you know that anyone holding a LNCC has more than adequate legal nurse consulting expertise. Indeed, while it is possible to take people who are just registered nurses and use them in a legal capacity, it’s much better to look for the LNCC designation. That way you know you are getting someone who has had a lot experience in both the medical setting and the legal one.

Website Usability Consultant – How to Select One

When building a new website, or assessing an existing one, there are two types of consultants whose input is critical to the success of your site. One is a Usability consultant and the other, a SEO consultant. This article will discuss the former.

A Usability consultant is an expert in the area of online consumer behavior. His or hers expertise includes: knowledge of all industry norms and standards of website usability including navigation, layout, category/button/link labeling, e-commerce functions and more. The consultant can assess a site to determine if it is user friendly or if it will cause frustration and dissatisfaction among site visitors, resulting in lost sales and opportunities. The assessment should not be in general terms – but very specific to all components of a web page and the site as a whole.

When selecting a Usability Consultant to assess and/or test your test make sure that they have experience with the type of site you own (such as e-commerce, service oriented (lawyers, libraries, etc.), or informational). Ensure that they have actually conducted usability testing in a focus group research facility with participants recruited based on specific criteria pertinent to the website.
Question the potential consultant as to the type of report you will be receiving. Aside from being well written, it must contain screen shots of your web pages with clear detail as to problems found and, as importantly, actionable recommendations to fix them. Ask for a prioritized list of the recommendations.

The website usability consultant you select must also be extremely knowledgeable in SEO (search engine optimization) and website metrics. Usability and SEO are closely linked and the affects of both are reflected to your site’s metrics.

Lastly – ask for references. A Usability consultant should gladly provide you with several.

Do I Really Need Style Consultants?

We all need to take care of our image these days! Indeed, more than ever first impressions are very important wherever we go. That’s why men and women alike are seeking the help of style consultants to revamp their wardrobe and look.

Taking care of your clothes and look speaks a lot about your personality. Going for a job interview dressing professionally will increase your likelihood to get the job. However, if you go to an interview without thinking through of what you are going to wear and just grab the first garments that you see, you will most likely make a bad impression especially if the garment you chose is inappropriate.

Who Needs a Style Consultant?

Everybody needs a style consultant. Fortunately, each and every one of us can afford one as it is just a matter of having the right budget plan. You will find later on that hiring these professionals will cost you less money. Just imagine how many times you bought clothes and accessories that you didn’t use later on because you realized they do not look good on you! How many times you have wasted your money on such bad shopping purchases. However, if you hire professional consultants, you can rest assured that every single item you will buy will be worn because it will look good on you.

How do I Choose the Right Consultant?

You should not go ahead and hire the first company that you see on the sidewalk or on the internet. Hiring a consultant means that you should be able to connect with that person on a personal level. Building style does not happen overnight. You should be comfortable enough with the person you hired so you can talk to her/him about what you really want and not just follow what is suggested. There should always be a personal touch to that; your personality should, at least, surface so you will not feel totally alien in your own skin. Make sure to interview a minimum of 3 image consultants and see who has great style suggestions and who you can connect with. Try to find out if they are willing to meet and talk with you first before you sign the contract.

After all, you should be comfortable and at ease with the the style consultant you hire and the whole experience should be both fun, worthy and fruitful.